Britney’s House of Blues Fiasco

May 20, 2007

Although it’s apparent that Britney Spears can’t and doesn’t sing live at her “concerts”, her show on Saturday night at the House of Blues in Orlando was a complete fiasco. Sources tell Perez Hilton that during the performance of “Do Something”, Britney’s prerecorded vocal track CD skipped…FIVE times!!!

Some of the audience started booing, but there were some people cheering Britney on. The problem was eventually fixed, but Britney wasn’t out of the fire yet…

Later in the show, as she was rolling around on the floor “dancing” (just imagine a cheap stripper at a sleazy bar), her headset microphone broke, dangling down her neck! Once again, proving the obvious: Britney is not singing live.

She has another show in Miami today. They should probably do some troubleshooting before it starts.

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