Sponjetta Parrish: America’s Got Talent “Up In My Studio” audition video

June 26, 2010

Sponjetta Parrish surely didn’t impress the judges on America’s Got Talent when she auditioned for the talent show, but she did make a lasting impression. And in case you didn’t catch Sponjetta’s America’s Got Talent “Up In My Studio” audition video, I’ve got it here, along with some fabulous photos of the diva.

sponjetta parrish

The America’s Got Talent Up In my Studio audition by Sponjetta Parrish is making waves on the net due to her catchy little ditty she cites as original.

So the judges weren’t thrilled with Sponjetta’s performance, but come on, how can you not giggle seeing the seriousness of her performance antics and the repetitiveness of the word “studio”. Watching this video reminded me instantly of Larry Platt’s Pants on the Ground American Idol audition. Yes, it was that entertaining.

Sure she didn’t make it to Vegas with her lively performance, but she won the hearts of many viewers and seemingly so, host Nick Cannon.

Since Sponjetta’s television debut, she has generated almost half a million views on YouTube. Howie Mandell said that he will have the song stuck in his head for a long time, while Sharon Osbourne praised her likable personality. Pierce said that she needs to go back to her studio to work on that song a bit more.

However it was Nick Cannon who thought that Sponjetta is a diamond in the rough and that the song just needed a bit more energy. He then took the stage with Sponjetta for a more upbeat version of her Studio jam, complete with booty dance and all. Hilarious, to say the least!

I would love to see Sponjetta and General Larry Platt collaborate someday. Wouldn’t a “Pants on the Ground”, “Up In the Studio” remix be fabulous? Let me know what you think about the America’s Got Talent “Up In My Studio” audition video in the comments section below!

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2 Responses to “Sponjetta Parrish: America’s Got Talent “Up In My Studio” audition video”

  1. 1
    melissa Says:

    Up in my Studio Studio I’ll be in my Studio haha lol

  2. 2
    Fattie Says:

    I’d roll it