Funniest Michael Jackson Moments

June 25, 2010

While many are recalling the most shocking and the most memorable moments of the late great King of Pop, I did some digging and found a few of my favorite funniest Michael Jackson moments. Because when one passes who wants to reminisce on the drama when there are the smiles and the happy times to look back on. So let’s do just that. Check them out here along with some photos of MJ.

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While the funniest Michael Jackson moments may not have been documented by reporters and the media, after peeping some pretty freakin’ hilarious Youtube video compilations, I chose a couple of my favorites.

Despite being one of the most famous people in the world, being followed around tirelessly by cameras and hounded by the media, the King of Pop took things in stride. While it may have seemed as if he was constantly surrounded by negativity and people who always wanted a handout, Michael did live life lightheartedly.

You know those times when you are cruising around with your friends with the windows down and the music blaring and you just feel like dancing? Well believe it or not, Michael did too. While on vacation in Miami, the King of Pop was spotted getting his groove on and singing along to R. Kelly’s hit song “Ignition”. Along for the ride? Movie director, Brett Ratner.

Check out his car dance below.

Another one of my favorite moments caught on tape is the food fight plot that was carefully planned by Michael and a young Macaulay Culkin. In efforts to thank Black or White director John Landis for all his hard work throughout the filming of the music video, MJ and Culkin planted stink bombs in pies that they planned on whipping at Landis. Not only does this video show that Michael worked hard but he played hard too. Talk about a food fight of epic proportions!

Check out a couple fan made compilations of funniest Michael Jackson moments (in video) below. And now dahlings, it is your turn to share your favorite MJ moments.

Photos: Nikki Nelson/

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