Jodeane Farrell: Heidi Montag Divorce Lawyer!

June 21, 2010

You may not know her name now but I tell you what that is about to change as Jodeane Farrell is Heidi Montag divorce lawyer, supposedly. So who is Farrell and has she really been hired to represnt plastic Heidi in her split from Spencer Pratt, or is this all a stunt too? You are going to have to keep reading to find out, plus you can learn about Jodeane too!

Heidi Montag

According to TMZ and multiple other sources Heidi Montag has hired Jodeane Farrell to be her divorce lawyer and supposedly she is one tough biotch who doesn’t mess around. Oh get ready Spencer it looks like Jodeane isn’t going to put up with your crazy antics, nope she was hired to get stuff done. Yep apparently she has already taken steps to get Heidi and Spencer’s marriage dissolved as quickly as one possibly can in the state of California. Wow she means business and I have to say I like it.

So who is Farrell exactly? Well she has apparently been practicing family law for almost 25 years as well as handles the mediation process between couples who are seeking to split up, which is a fancy way for saying she is also a mediator. Jodeane as it turns out is also a long time friend of the Montag family which is most likely why Heidi chose her. Other than that there isn’t much we know about Farrell as of yet but given the case she has decided to take that will no doubt change soon.

Jodeane Farrell is Heidi Montag’s divorce lawyer and she is getting the ball rolling on making the marriage between Heidi and Spencer officially dunzo. Word on the street is she is very good at what she does and is hoping to make things happen quickly in the case. I tell you what dealing with the idiots formerly known as Speidi is a tough job for anyone but if Jodeane means business like she says then she should have no problem. Either way I feel the need to say good luck!

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