Suge Knight: Lawsuit “Battle” with Kanye West

June 21, 2010

Back in the summer of 2005 there was a massive Miami Beach party where things got out of hand. Suge Knight’s lawsuit against Kanye West is not to cause trouble, but to cover the damages. Do you want more details about what happened and what’s going on now? Well keep reading and there’s some pictures and video as a bonus!

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Knight was shot in the leg by an unidentified man during the party. His “beef,” other than the pain and the amount of money he had to shell out, is the fact no one is taking responsibility for the lack of security. West, who hosted the bash, states he was not involved in that aspect, and this suit doesn’t seem to be going anywhere!

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Back to the face off with Kanye West. In a statement after the sit down the rap promoter said, “I figured I could sit him down, man to man, and get this resolved. I’m disappointed.” It doesn’t seem like anyone wants to fess up to the debacle and until they do these two will not be getting along!

What do you think about Suge Knight’s lawsuit & Kanye’s denial of any responsibility? Be sure to tell me your thoughts below after you check out these photos and video!

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Photos: Louis/, Siri Khalsa, Michael Wright, A. Miller, Reggie Collier, Mike Stotts

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