Dita Von Teese Photos

May 18, 2007

Dita Von Teese certainly made the paparazzi’s night yesterday, with full pictures. The paps scored with these photos! Everybody loves celebrities. Was Miss Dita merely teasing everyone with a little glimpse or does she seriously do not know how to get out of a cab while wearing a dress?

Her ex, Marilyn Manson, recently admitted that he hurt her:

“I think that somebody’s always going to suffer more. And I think I hurt her more. But only because she didn’t understand the amount of pain I went through before it became apparent to her.

She didn’t understand that my idea of the relationship was suffering for longer than she knew. And so things were ended equally between us, she might have assumed that I didn’t care. Not realizing that I had been experiencing it for much longer.”

See more Dita photos here.

Special thanks to our friends over at dlisted. Check out our friends at Gone Hollywood as well.

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