Perez Hilton Joy Behar Interview Video

June 17, 2010

The Perez Hilton Joy Behar interview video is here for you. After Perez posted a photo of Miley Cyrus with what he cites an unladylike skirt photo, the rest of the media world is wanting to throw tomatoes at his face. Read more about Hilton’s first television interview since the scandal and see photos here.

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The Perez Hilton Joy Behar interview has hit the boob tube and people are talking. Is what Hilton says about the Miley Cyrus photos he posted true or does he just know how to work the media and public relations part of his job really well? You be the judge. I’ve got some highlights of the interview that aired on June 17th, 2010 below.

So just why did Perez decide to post the Miley skirt photo on his Twitter page? He told Joy, “I didn’t pick it for her to look like she wasn’t wearing underwear. The point of me choosing that one photo is because it was showing Miley getting out of the car in an unladylike fashion. And I just thought that was funny and in keeping with her shocking behavior of late, because she was very well aware that she was in a public place at a — at a video shoot and that there were paparazzi present.”

But was the picture altered? He explains, “I did not pixelate anything. I did not PhotoShop anything. There’s been a lot of inaccuracies being perpetuated about what happened in the media. And I just chose a photo that showed her getting out of the car. You didn’t see anything down there.”

Ok, so why did he remove the photo? He says, “I did not take the photo down. I didn’t even post the photo o my Web site. I wanted to clear that up, as well. I merely linked to a photo that I found on the Internet on my Twitter… Then that Web site that I posted a link to, they’re the ones that took it down. I would have posted the image on my site had I been able to. But it was taken by one photo agency that I don’t have a deal with. So I’ve learned my mistake in the past about using photos that I don’t have licenses to.”

What does the gossip blogger think about possibly being charged with child pornography? He says, “I think it’s insulting to children to accuse that of child pornography. If you want to look at the definition of child pornography, it is not an image like the one I posted. It is explicit behavior designed to arouse, engage in sexual activity. You don’t see anything from Miley’s private parts. You just see here from an unflattering vantage view getting out of her car. the point is that it’s not child pornography. And if I was aware that it was or that she was not wearing underwear, I would not have posted it. But I — I knew the opposite, Joy. I saw other photos from that video shoot and I was very well aware of the fact that Miley was wearing underwear.”

Does he regret posting the photo? He states, “I don’t regret what I did and I would do the same thing again… It’s not actually doing anything worse than Miley herself has been doing recently, from grinding up on her 40 something year old director to pole dancing to all the over sexualized things that she has been doing and turning herself into this creature.”

Nice. So what do you think of the quotes from the Perez Hilton Joy Behar interview? Is he full of bologna or do you believe him?

Comment away, dahlings.

Check out the interview here.

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