Mercede Johnston: Levi Johnston’s Sister

June 17, 2010

Mercede Johnston is Levi Johnston’s sister and her new web site is going to cause some drama for the Palin family, sounds awesome doesn’t it. I will tell you what the site is plus give you the lowdown on Mercede, don’t you just love those sibling that cause trouble!

Mercede Johnston

UPDATE 2-3-2011
It is rumored that Levi Johnston’s sister Mercede Johnston will pose for Playboy. Although there has been no official confirmation from Hef’s magazine, The Huffington Post is reporting that Mercede will follow in her brother’s footsteps and bare all it all. i have to say do we really need to see another Johnston naked? I am just saying. However something tells me that there is actual truth to this rumor. Please continue reading the original article posted last summer on Levi’s younger sibling.

Mercede has debuted her blog and lets just say the Palins are not going to be happy with what she has to say. It is pretty much a no holds bar when it comes to Mercede and what she will dish on. So far she has talked about how she wants a book deal and how the site is really dedicated to answering any question especially if it is about Sarah or Bristol Palin or their family. Mercede has even said her nephew Tripp, son of Bristol and Levi, was actually planned, WTF right. Apparently she has a lot to say and it doesn’t look like she is going away or going to shut up any time soon. I have a feeling this blog is going to cause quite the stir and I love it.

Mercede is the younger sibling of Levi and she says she was never honored by their father the way that Levi was growing up. The two are the only children of Keith and Sherry Johnston and are known for their super close relationship. In fact she even has his name tattooed< on her. She was born and raised in Wasilla, Alaska. obviously. She appeared on The Tyra Banks show with her mother and brother in 2009 to basically defend her brother and get his story out. Sounds to me like she is super supportive of Levi but at the same time she is desperately seeking attention. The new blog of Mercede Johnston, Levi Johnston’s sister, is simply her answering any question you ask and I do mean any. It has given her the chance to speak out which is something she has wanted to do for a long time. The girl apparently has a lot to say, if you want to check out the site it is simply her name at dot com. There may not be that much we know about her mow but one thing is for sure that is going to change with this new blog and of course when she gets book deal, you know she will get one, so stay tuned!

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