Tonya Paoni: Big Brother 3 Star (Photos)

June 17, 2010

Tonya Paoni aka Tonya Casper is the former star of Big Brother 3. Well, now she may be the star of an 8 X 10 after having some serious charges filed against her. Get the story here, and see photos and video below.

tonya paoni

Yes folks, celebs from the D-List on up are subject to the same laws that you and I are. That’s definitely the case with one former reality star, who may have gone a little heavy on the sauce prior to getting behind the wheel last summer.

Authorities are alleging that Tonya Paoni (or Tonya Casper as she is now known) caused a violent collision outside Springfield, Illinois about a year ago. Reports state that she rear-ended an SUV on I-72, which led to the death of one passenger. But that wasn’t the end of it. It seems the wreck caused a domino effect that led to yet another death.

Here’s how it went down. Late at night on July 17, 2009, her Toyota Corolla smacked into the rear of a Ford Explorer. The SUV then swerved into a median and flipped repeatedly. A man named Cameron Weider was thrown from the back of the Explorer and killed instantly.

Later, tragedy struck again as another passenger from the same SUV stood waiting for police to arrive. This time Eric Finneran was hit by another car that had turned sharply to avoid the tangled mess of cars in the road.

As a result, TMZ reports Tonya is now being charged with aggravated DUI, reckless homicide, reckless driving and speeding—which is no laughing matter. At press time she was still in jail. Her bond is set at $1,000,000.

You may remember Tonya from her 2002 stint on the third season of the show ‘Big Brother.’

Check out some photos and video of Tonya Paoni aka Tonya Casper below.

tonya paoni

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