Marisa Miller Guitar Hero Ad Banned Revealed (Video)

June 16, 2010

If you didn’t get to see the Marisa Miller Guitar Hero ad that was banned because it was deemed too racy for television, you are in luck. You dirty old men, pimple-faced teenagers and girls that swing both ways, we’ve got it here for your viewing pleasure. Check out some sexy photos of the gorgeous supermodel and the video for the commercial here.

marisa miller

The Marisa Miller Guitar Hero ad was shot a few months back and while recently we heard the commercial was banned from television in the UK because of its raciness, Miller fans were disappointed that they wouldn’t get to drool over it. Well guys and girls who swing that way, we’ve got the video here! Feel free to play it over and over and over again if you so desire.

So why don’t be get to see the ad on the boob tube? I mean for gawd’s sake, it isn’t called “boob” tube for nothing, right? Wrong. While many celebrities were invited to film their own sexy Guitar Hero ad, it was Marisa Miller’s that got the axe. Stop being sexy, Marisa!

Apparently, because she was sitting behind a sit of drums in lingerie and flinging her hair around like an 80’s hair band rocker, peeps are saying it shouldn’t be aired.

Excuse me? And those Victoria Secret’s ads aren’t racy? Come on, people. Women wearing just panties and bras prancing around with their cleavage popping out, moving and swaying their bodies like they are pole dancers for a commercial isn’t racy?

Oh well, you can be the judge after you see for yourself. Check out the Marisa Miller Guitar Hero ad that got dropped because of its raciness below. Let me know in the comments section what you think. Should this ad be allowed to air on the boob tube?

marisa miller 1marisa miller 2marisa miller photo

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