Jake Harris Caught Stealing by Deadliest Catch Dad

June 16, 2010

Last night Deadliest Catch continued its sixth season with some devastating news. Jake Harris was caught stealing pills, when Phil Harris went to get some meds for his aching back. With the other drama on the show it was a hit. Continue reading for more details on the father-son relationship, including a video.

The captain was apparently in so much pain that the cameraman was concerned. After the discovery that pills were being stolen was made, Phil Harris told his son that he wanted nothing else to do with him! Even with the pleas that he had a problem and was an addict, his father was not convinced!

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Back to the drama on the ship! Other than fishing, a bunch of ultimatums and confrontations occurred on the episode. I am not sure what will happen with Phil and his son, but it doesn’t not seem to be something that will be dealt with quickly.

What do you think about Jake Harris stealing his father’s pills? Also what about this season so far? Be sure to leave me your comments, and check out this video dedicated to the poor boy.

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