Tiger Woods Secret Love Child: Caption This!

June 15, 2010

Did Devon James and Theresa Rogers each have Tiger Woods secret love child? That is certainly what the headlines are screaming today and it is our Caption This contest for this week too! I mean really considering all his whoring around is anyone surprised by this, I certainly am not. I have all the details about this latest claims concerning Tiger had his alleged mistresses Devon and Theresa. There are of course some pictures and a video of the golfer too.

Tiger Woods

There are reports that both Devon James and Theresa Rogers have each claimed that their kids are really Tiger Woods love child. Radaronline has the scoop on James and The Huffington Post has the scoop on Rogers. Oh the cheating scandal drama continues and I will have more on it, with my two cents of course but I want to tell you really quick about the fun Right Celebrity game Caption This. Every Tuesday a hot new topic, accompanied with a picture will be posted so you our faithful readers can give your two cents on it. You can comment as many times as you like, then every Friday a winner will be announced. What do you win, well your name in print and the satisfaction of knowing you had the best caption, sounds fun right so get captioning. Now back to the topic at hand.

So is Tiger really the baby daddy to Devon and Theresa’s children? According to Radaronline James claims Woods is the father to her son who was born in 2001 and that Tiger has known about the boy since 2006. Now The Huffington Post and Extra are reporting that Roger’s claims Tiger is the daddy to her kid born in 2003 and that there is supposedly DNA to back it up. As for whether or not either of these two claims are true or not well we are just going to have to wait and see if there is in fact any proof to these accusations.

It seemed inevitable that one of Woods alleged many mistresses would come forward with a he’s my baby’s daddy claim. Two at the same time seems a tad suspicious but then again I would not be surprised if Tiger has more babies he doesn’t know about out there considering how much unprotected sex he had. That of course is just my opinion. Now give me yours by participating in our Caption This game, you can comment as many times as you like and then check back on Friday to see if you are the winner!

Does Tiger Woods have a secret love child with two women? It is possible but we are going to just have to wait and see how it unfolds. Let the next chapter in the Woods cheating scandal begin. Anyone want to take a guess on how many more baby mama’s will come out of the woodwork?

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Photos: www.wenn.com/Juddy Eddy/Daniel Deme

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