James Farentino: Dynasty Actor

June 14, 2010

Former Dynasty actor James Farentino has found himself on the wrong side of the law and guess what it involves battery of a woman. Did the man who is known for his prime time television roles really do anything wrong and what actually went down? I have the answers to questions like those plus some info about Farentino which includes pictures and a video from back in the day.

James Farentino

Actor James Farentino, of Dynasty fame, was arrested on Sunday morning. According to Radaronline 72 year old James was booked on misdemeanor battery charges. Allegedly at his Hollywood Hills home he grabbed one of his wife’s friends by the arm during an argument. The incident supposedly occurred at around 6:30 PM with Farentino yelling at the woman to get out of his house then he grabbed her. The police were called and he was arrested. He was released on his own recognizance early Monday morning. His rep has not issued a statement so we don’t actually know what went down yet but it sure doesn’t sound good for him.

The Brooklyn born star has appeared in over 100 film and television roles during his amazing career. His first gig was in the early 60’s on the CBS show The Drama. In the late 60’s he starred with the great Patty Duke in the film Me, Natalie. He went on to star on television shows like The Bold Ones, Blue Thunder, Melrose Place, ER and of course Dynasty just to name a few. In the early 70’s he won a Theatre World Award for his role in A Streetcar Named Desire. He also won an Emmy Award for his role as Saint Peter in the mini-series Jesus of Nazareth. Although he never really seemed to have that big break out role, he is certainly recognized for the roles he had and has proven he is super talented.

James has been married four times and has one son David who has also done a bit of acting himself. This is not the first time that Farentino has found himself in hot water with the law. Back in 1993 he was charged with stalking Tina Sinatra, yes the daughter of Frank, who is his former flame. He was also arrested in 1991 for cocaine possession after a package with cocaine in it was intercepted as it was being sent to his hotel room while he was filming a movie in Canada.

James Farentino is an actor who is largely known for his work on the ABC hit show Dynasty. Now however he is being known as the man in trouble with the law again!

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One Response to “James Farentino: Dynasty Actor”

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    Kevin Says:

    As a crewmember extra I have fond memories of James Farentino in a good movie neither you nor anyone else seems to mention, The Final Countdown with Kirk Douglas, Martin Sheen, Katherine Ross, Charles Durning and of course James.