Vince Young Prime Suspect In Assault!

June 13, 2010

Another athlete is making headlines and not in a good way! Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young is the prime suspect in a strip club assault, allegedly! So did he really do it or is he even involved at all? You are going to have to keep reading to find out plus see some pictures of Vince and a video of him doing his thing on the field.

Vince Young

According to TMZ, and other sources, Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young is the suspect in a strip club assault. The alleged incident went down in Dallas at Club Onyx where it has been confirmed that one person was injured. Although KTVT, which is CBS 11 in Dallas, is reporting that Vince is the main guy being looked at by police a warrant has not yet been issued for the football star.

In a statement released by a rep for the Titans says they have been in touch with Young and they continue to gather information. While this is clearly a developing story and we don’t know exactly what went down, I have to say this is getting old. I feel like every single day there is another violent altercation involving a famous person. I am not going to categorize here because it isn’t just athletes or even just males who are celebrities so to speak, but come on enough with the violence aren’t people like Vince suppose to be role models? I mean that is just my opinion. I will reserve judgement on this until we get all the information.

Vince Young is the prime suspect in a strip club assault that allegedly happened in Dallas the other night. Other than that bit of information there are not any details being released on what really occurred and if in fact the Tennessee Titans quarterback had anything to do with it. Stay tuned I am sure we will be hearing more about this soon. In the mean time check out the pictures and video of Vince below!

Vince Young 2Vince Young 3Vince Young 4Vince Young 5Vince Young 6

Photos: Gilbert/PNP/Rachel Worth/Adriana M. Barraza

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