Christy Carlson Romano: White’s Lies Actress

June 13, 2010

White’s Lies actress Christy Carlson Romano has found herself unemployed sooner than expected but never fear not much can keep this stunning beauty down. Find out why Christy is suddenly jobless plus learn more about this brunette beauty, which of course includes pictures and a video too!

Christy Carlson Romano

Actress Christy Carlson Romano was starring in White’s Lies, up until today that is, the show has officially closed earlier than excepted and Christy now finds herself looking for a new gig. I have no doubt that Christy will soon find herself on the Broadway stage, the small screen or big screen very soon, I mean seriously just look at her tracked record.

The Milford, Connecticut born and raised Romano is what they call a double threat in the entertainment industry, she can act and sing and she has been doing it all for years. She made her film debut at age 12, while her Broadway and television debuts came at age 13. Her small screen debut was as a segment host for XSTV: Xtreme Sport Television, her Broadway debut was in the musical Parade and her film debut was a role in the movie The Many Trials of Tammy D. The next couple of years Christy kept herself busy with small roles in all three areas.

However life as she knew it changed when she became what I call a Disney girl. It began in 2000 when she landed a role on the hit show Even Steven. In 2002 she became the voice of Kim Possible on the Disney animated show Kim Possible, yep she was clearly becoming a Disney girl. In fact in 2002 she became the first person to act in three Disney projects at the same time when she was starring on Even Steven, was in the movie Cadet Kelly and worked on Kim Possible all at once. Wow she was proving even back then that she was a force to be reckoned with. Christy later starred as Belle on Broadway in Beauty & The Beast. However in the past few years she is showing the world she is all grown up and can take on any role, that can be seen in her performances on Broadway, as well as her guest starring roles on shows like Hawthorne, Joan of Arcadia and Summerland. Plus let us not forget her movie roles which include Campus Confidental, Taking Five and Wolvesbayne just to name a few.

While working on her acting career Christy also focused on being a singer. She recorded a number of songs for Disney soundtracks like Taking 5 and The Cutting Edge 3. She first sang on an episode of Even Stevens. In 2005 the album Greatest Disney TV & Film Hits, which featured her very own single Drive In. Romano was signed with Atlantic records for awhile but is said to currently be in between record labels.

The 26 year old actress Christy Carlson Romano just wrapped a role in the play White’s Lies but that won’t keep this shining star down. Nope this talented young woman is going to be around Hollywood for years to come!

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Photos: Marzullo

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