Bill Clinton Hit on Rush Limbaugh’s Girlfriend !

May 17, 2007

They say that politics make for strange bedfellows but did they mean it literally?

Apparently former president Bill Clinton and Rush Limbaugh had an amiable encounter in a New York restaurant the other day, and while Limbaugh was looking the other way, Bill Clinton helped himself to a generous serving of conservative Rush Limbaugh’s girlfriend.

… I had to turn my head to my left, away from the action behind me, to hear what the mayor was saying.

At some point during the conversation with the mayor, I looked to my left, and the former president was intently chatting up the woman that I was sitting with. He had leaned down, and his elbows and arms were on the railing of the booth, and they were in intense conversation.


Anyone know the name of Clinton’s latest prey? Or better yet, who has a photo of Rush Limbaugh’s girlfriend?

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    123beta Says:

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    Adam's Blog Says:

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    Leaning Straight Up Says:

    Immigration reform compromise: Lighten up, it could be worse…

    Granted I will continue to research it, and I may change my mind, but for now I am with Ed and Big Lizard…….

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