Russell Crow Died? Rumors are NOT true!

June 11, 2010

Now this is just getting ridiculous. Hot news right now on the internet is “Russell Crow Died!” Well it is simply another hoax created by that website that generates a fake story. The actor is not dead and you can read more details and see pictures and video below.

Russell Crowe  1

Amongst the stories of real deaths, it is terrible to come across ones that are fabricated, leaving us all confused and it’s not right. We quickly heard a response from the Robin Hood actor via Twitter, however, that dispelled the rumor.

There is more info at E! Online on the Russell Crowe’s “died” hoax, and don’t miss these other great stories for Friday!!

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Now back to the latest fake death rumor. As I said this is what he wrote:

“Unable to answer tweets fell off a mountain in Austria, all over red rover. Don’t know how i got there, but the media are never wrong.G’Bye.”

Well let me assure you the story of “Russell Crow Died” is a lie and he is definitely alive and kickin’ and In Entertainment has some more details on why these rumors keep circulating, so check it out. Make sure to tell me what you think of this crazy phenomenon, and enjoy photos and video here.

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Photos: Toby

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