2007 Cannes Film Festival -Aishwarya Rai at The Martinez Hotel

May 16, 2007

Hello RC Readers, Sujet is back ! I just got these beautiful pictures in from Aishwarya Rai, isn’t she beautiful? She is really stunning, those big blue eyes make her one of the hottest Bollywood actresses in India , in my opinion… :)

She is almost a regular at Cannes Film Festival now but this time round Aishwarya Rai greeted the press for the first time as a Bachchan. The actress talks about life after marriage and more in conversation with CNN-IBN Entertainment Editor Rajeev Masand.

Read the script of this interview with Aishwarya Rai here

Here is a interesting snippet from the interview:

Rajeev Masand: Abhishek is here with you in Cannes. So, is he looking forward to walking the red carpet and just sort of living your life for these few day because Cannes Film Festival is really your home, isn’t it?

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: This is where you guys are troublemakers. You just sit and make statements on everything. We are together and it’s not about getting into whose life it is. We are together and we are not getting into judging things the way probably you do. We are here for a day-and-a-half and then we are going to continue with our holiday for a little while more before we get back to a very hectic schedule.

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4 Responses to “2007 Cannes Film Festival -Aishwarya Rai at The Martinez Hotel”

  1. 1
    anon Says:

    She has GREEN eyes and not blue!!!!

  2. 2
    Sujet Says:

    OK,for me those eyes are blue. I could go and get my glasses checked out, but it comes all down to one thing – She is HOT – blue,green doesnt really matter..

  3. 3
    gani Says:


  4. 4
    Suprita Says:

    she looks ugly now. I thought marriage was supposed to make you look more beautiful. Her skin has gone funny too. She is not white anymore.