Hunter Wagner: The Bachelorette Contestant Voted Off

June 10, 2010

Okay, so here I thought that the hot Hunter Wagner, The Bachelorette contestant voted off the last episode of the hit reality series, was going to be able to use his Texas charm and sweep Ali Fedotowsky off her feet with his polite manners, and complimentary ways. However, I was way wrong. Find out more about his exit off the show and see photos and a video of their date right here!

Hunter Wagner

But I guess I was way wrong? So maybe it is true that nice guys finish last…or something like that. Hunter Wagner was unfortunately sent home after Ali Fedotowsky basically told him that there was no romantic connection, but more of a friendly juncture. What do you think The Bachelorette is actually looking for? Maybe a slap in the face? Be sure to check out photos and videos below.

As a biography, Hunter Wagner is a 28-year old internet account executive from San Antonio, Texas. He is most-known as being a contestant on ABC’s The Bachelorette featuring Ali Fedotowsky, competing for her heart and ultimately, the final rose. Hunter considers himself to be funny, loyal, and caring.

Even the show’s host, Chris Harrison, weighed in on Hunter’s sudden exit, sharing:

“I want to briefly talk about Hunter and his one-on-one date. Hunter is one of those good guys that comes on this show and just never really feels comfortable. Sometimes despite your best efforts, this atmosphere just gets the better of you, and that was the case for Hunter. He and Ali just didn’t have it, and he was out of his comfort zone.”

Isn’t that what most women admire in a man? A man who will actually take time in finding those feelings and acting upon naturally? Okay, whatever, moving on. One contestant in particular who seems to be completely selfish, goes by the name “Rated-R” the entertainment wrestler. It turns out that Wagner started his date late due to the discourteous actions of this wannabe. I guess Justin Rego made his own one-on-one time, even if that meant taking down Hunter’s earned one-on-one time. Some jock!

Wagner said this of his contributing roommate:

“I absolutely had no idea that he did that. I knew he was gone for a couple of hours. I even asked him where he was the whole time, and he said he was on the couch sleeping in another room. Justin and I had a strange relationship. We were roommates. I was probably one of the few guys that never did give him a hard time about being an entertainment wrestler. I really did try to get to know him and I asked him some questions about his job. So for him to do that, I felt a little upset and betrayed. He did what he felt he had to do. I think Ty said it best: Karma will come back and bite him.”

Apparently Hunter felt a bit relieved following his return home. Even though he says that we will probably not see him on another reality dating show, he does believe that there is an eligible bachelor in the house that is honest and are there for Ali and for all the right reasons, like: Roberto, Kirk, Chris, and Jesse. Hmm, could this be a hunch?

I wish Hunter Wagner, The Bachelorette Contestant voted off, the best of luck in love! You may leave your thoughts for him and Ali Fedotowsky in the comment box. Also, take a look at a video clip of their one-on-one date below, along with some photos!

Hunter Wagner Photo 1Hunter Wagner Picture 2Hunter Wagner Photo 3
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