Spencer Pratt’s friend Cougar Zank: Heidi Montag Roommate

June 10, 2010

Spencer Pratt’s friend Cougar Zank is said to be stirring up some drama in the presumably fake breakup of Speidi. So just what role does Zank have in this big fat ordeal? Well supposedly, Cougar has moved in with Jennifer Bunney and Heidi Montag for their new reality show. Read more about the drama and see photos here.

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Meet Cougar Zank, Spencer Pratt’s friend and Heidi Montag’s rumored new roommate. While we don’t have much biographical information relating to Mr. Zank what we can tell you is what kind of ties he has to the attention-seeking douchebags. In addition to Jennifer Bunney we are hearing that Zank is shacking up with the girls to throw an awkward twist into the “reality” show featuring The Hills stars. Just two days ago (June 8th, 2010), Heidi tried to put those fake breakup rumors to rest by heading to the court house to file legal separation papers against her husband Spencer Pratt. But in even rather more dramatic news, RadarOnline.com is reporting that Cougar is ready to claw his way into the drama.

So just who is this Cougar character and is that his real name (because if it is, I’d be asking my mama what kind of shiznit she was smoking back then)? Apparently he is a former military man turned bodyguard. And while he moved into Speidi’s lavish pad in Pacific Palisades, California to collaborate on a script-writing effort with Spencer, it seems the bit actor just may be able to make a name for himself.

So just what leads Radar to believe that Cougar has moved in? Well they asked him. When the gossip mag ran into Mr. Cougarlicious, they asked him what in the heck he was doing at Heidi and Jennifer’s house? His response? “This is MY house.”

Oh, snap! So does that mean Spencer Pratt’s friend Cougar Zank is one of them? And is he really Heidi Montag’s roommate?

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Photos: Chris Connor/Judy Eddy/www.wenn.com

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