Chi Chi Rodriguez: Puerto Rican Golfer

June 10, 2010

Thank goodness there is a crack in this case! Chi Chi Rodriguez, a Puerto Rican golfer, who also goes by the name Juan A. Rodriguez, may have got the best news yet. In a robbery estimating nearly a half a million dollars, authorities have allegedly made some arrests in connection with the case. Find out more revealing details and see photos and a video right here.

Chi Chi Rodriguez

I cannot believe how cruel these robbers were to Chi Chi Rodriguez and his wife. Not only did they rip off the Puerto Rican golfer of an estimated $500,000 in property, but robbed them at gunpoint, bound the couple together, and fled the scene of the crime! Be sure to check out photos and videos below.

As a biography, Juan Antonio “Chi Chi” Rodriguez was born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico on October 23, 1935 so his age is 74. He is a professional golfer. Growing up, his family struggled financially. So he helped out in the sugarcane fields. Once becoming an employee at a golf course, he became a caddy and decided to try his hand in golf. He later became the head caddy at the Dorado Beach resort in Puerto Rico. There, he decided to pursue a career in golf. With the help of professional golfer Pete Cooper, he competed in his first Professional Golf Association meet in 1960. Hey may have not won many tournaments in the twenty-five years on the tour, the fans sure liked his victory dances, humor, and his signature straw hat that he wore. However, he was successful as a member of the Senior PGA tour. Rodriguez enjoys charity work, including his own charity called Chi Chi Rodriguez Youth Foundation, which serves to improve the lives of children through the beloved sport of golf. His greatest achievement is becoming the first-ever puerto-rican to be inducted into the World Hall of Fame with 38 PGA Tour Wins and 22 Senior Tour Wins.

According to reports, the robbery took place around 1:30 am at the resort home of Chi Chi Rodriguez in El Legado Resort, city of Guayama. It is said that the robbers took off with an estimated half-a-million dollars including: cash, jewelry, watches, and other personal items.

But what’s most disturbing, is that one of the four alleged robbers stooped so low to snag Chi Chi’s wife’s wedding ring right off of her finger, even though Rodriguez, himself, “described the robbers as gentle with his wife”. But still, who does that!

Luckily, today, TMZ reports that arrests have been made in connection with the robbery and Guayama, Puerto Rico authorities are expected “to file charges against several suspects in the next few weeks”.

The noble and grateful man that Chi Chi is, said this of the suspects’ arrests:

“I feel a little better knowing that they are closer to cracking the case. If the guys are young, I hope it doesn’t ruin the rest of their lives, but they hurt me and my wife deeply.”

Even though it is said that the Puerto Rican golfer and his wife have “not” stayed at their resort home since the robbery, he reports that he is “doing alright”.

I hope that justice is served in the case of Chi Chi Rodriguez. He seems to be such an incredible and honest man. You may leave your thoughts about the new developments of this case in the comment box, also see pictures and a video below.

Chi Chi Rodriguez 1
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