Courtney Love Racy Facebook Photos Scandal

June 10, 2010

Courtney Love’s racy Facebook photos are the latest stunt to keep Kurt Cobain’s ex in the spotlight but has she gone too far this time? Well it is up to you to decide that but I of course am going to give you my two cents on it. As always there are pictures and a video too, trust me you will want to check these out.

Courtney Love

In her racy Facebook photos Courtney Love shows her sexual and fetish side and can I say not in a good way. The rocker has three distinct shots or poses if you will. In one pose Love is on her hands and knees while Amanda Lepore appears to be whipping Courtney’s bare booty. Then there is the shot of Courtney flipping the bird while grabbing her crotch, which is exposed for all to see. Last there is the one with her lying in a deserted warehouse with not an ounce of clothing on, yep she is naked and all her stuff is hanging out!

Now I know you are all dying to see these pictures, which I am not allowed show, silly management rules but you can check them out here. I must warn you though these are in no way shape or form, hot or sexy. I in fact think they are quite disgusting and they have left me well, wanting to puke. Then again there isn’t much about Love that doesn’t make me want to vomit. This latest stunt from the supposed singer is just another attempt to keep the train-wreck in the spotlight. After all she is best known for her disastrous ways.

The Courtney Love racy Facebook photos are certainly something and by that I mean some kind of disgusting crap but hey that is just my opinion. I of course want to know what you think of Love’s latest stunt, come on I know you have an opinion so let me have it.

Courtney Love PhotoCourtney Love 3Courtney Love 4Courtney Love 5Courtney Love 6 1

Photos: Dixon/Andres Otero/Zak Hussein/Lia Toby/Daniel Deme

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