Sarah Palin Breast Implants?

June 9, 2010

The Sarah Palin breast implants rumor is in full force. So did she or didn’t she? Ok so yeah, I’m apparently not the only one who saw the photos of Palin at the Belmont Stakes last weekend with a rather full bosom, posing this same question. Read more about the rumor and see pictures and video here.

sarah palin

Did the Sarah Palin breast implants rumor get you curious? Well, last weekend at the Belmont Stakes Sarah was looking mighty voluptuous in the upper half of her body, if you know what I mean.

It was a plain white t-shirt that captured the attention of many as Palin strut her stuff showing off a very firm and plumped up rack. Sure, she could be sporting those boobies with a fabulously supportive bra (and in that case, I’d like to know what brand of particular bra she dished out some dough on) or perhaps we’re just used to the political prowess dressed to the nines in pencil skirts and shoulder-padded blazers that Cyndi Lauper would have sported back in the 80’s.

Nonetheless, Sarah has not confirmed or denied these boob rumors, if she denies I’m hoping to hear a, “For heaven’s sake, I could never make my breasts bigger via surgical procedure as they would get in the way of my gun stance when I’m out my dirty point buck. Bless those der hearts who do it though.”

Now while gossiping about boobs isn’t exactly my specialty and shouldn’t really be as I consider myself to be a heterosexual, I am a woman and we women notice perkier boobs when we see them. Whether Palin decided to dish out some dough (‘cuz lawd knows this bad ass beotch has extra ching laying around) on some firmer, lifted breasts is her damn business. All I can hope is that if this particular surgery did take place, I hope before the doctor went in for the incision that she shouted, “Drill, baby, drill!”

After seeing the photos via the links above, are those Sarah Palin breast implants?

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15 Responses to “Sarah Palin Breast Implants?”

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  1. 1
    Evonne Says:

    Why is Sarah Palin getting so much attention and publicity? She was a nobody prior to the recent presidential candidacy and now it seems she’s all over the news! I have yet to hear her say anything meaningful or of any substance. Shes good at throwing around cliche’s. Are the American people so dumb that they would actually vote for this woman in the next presidential election? This is a very scary situation. I can’t even stand to hear her talk! It’s something about her voice that’s irritating. Besides, from what I’ce already seen of her I think she would continue to cause a racial divide in this country and we certainly don’t need anymore of that. Sarah should be home with her children making sure her other daughter doesn’t come up pregnant out of wedlock. Besides her baby needs more attention than the average baby and she needs to be there for him and get out of the limelight. She’s not serving any positive purpose being all over the news.

  2. 2
    perrybrowne Says:

    So here is the deal… If Palin wanted to immigrate to Canada…. We would hope the govt would send her back…. or deport her to Russia or something….

    As for being a stay at home mom…. Heh… that will never happen…. With how hard she works at being tough a manly it is a wonder she could get pregnant…

    Do you suppose she had to negotiate for it??

    She would make a most interesting president… However, I think US would go down if she was to win anything… like that…

    She is definitely a piece of work…


  3. 3
    Ken Says:

    You’re both not very well informed. Instead of your narrow mindedness, you should try and look at what she has done for the State of Alaska. She has a remarkable track record for a Man or Woman to have achieved in the short time she was Govenor. No other Govenor in the US history has done as much for the people of their prospective state as she has. She also comes from the Grass Roots of the Constitution. So get a clue.

  4. 4
    gerret Joplin Says:

    Sarah bailed on her precious Alaska before her term was half over. All she brought to the state was partizan politics and a new low in expectations of elected officials

  5. 5
    Lorie Korpal Says:

    I had been single, lonely plus pitiful, that is why one particular my kins sent me to this very site. These days the number of admirers don’t at all stop flowing in!!

  6. 6
    Grizzly Says:

    What a bunch of MORONS! Sarah was asked if they were real on not on nation TV, just for you nosy busy bodies. They are all real.
    Want a bra like that, visit Victoria’s Secret and every 6 months buy their latest product. But let’s face facts, something you lefties aren’t used to. You gotta have it to flaunt it. She has won several beauty contests. She’s got it to flaunt!

  7. 7
    bill Says:

    Why are all chicks so Jealous of good looking girls/women “Da Da Da”

  8. 8
    Bill Says:

    I would love to DATE Sarah Palin–plus

  9. 9
    SantaRosaNative Says:

    What can you say about a woman who keeps having kids desipte her age until she poots out a dud?

  10. 10
    Fred Says:

    Why do people keep referring to this woman as Gov Palin. Not only did she QUIT, but she quit while they were investigating her work as a Governor. And oooh ya. Gotta love this one. She passes laws that allow hunting from Helicopters. As she is this big woddsy woman. Just watch how her daddy walks to to the animal and loads the gun for her. WOW what a tough hunter. All she did was hold the gun and pull the trigger. That’s an Alaska hunter? They should be proud. I wouldn’t let this woman fire a BB gun at a squirrel for fear she would quit half way through. The only person in that family I have respect for is Todd. At least he shows the world that he IS a real person, not some fraud that knows how to demand $100K for 1 hr’s worth of political bashing. I hope the reds put her up there in 2012. It will be the best thing the other side could hope for.

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