Beyonce does Vibe Magazine

May 15, 2007

Beyonce does Vibe magazine. I hate wet photos. Be looks trashy in these pics… sorry. I know the cover its decision of the magazine publishers, but I think they hate her… The cover is horrendus! All the photos are ridiculous… why is she trying to be sexy? All the pics are the same… She looks fug! Well, maybe the interview is more interesting… let’s go… You know, because Beyonce is Intelligent…

Here some interesting quotes:

“I wasn’t the type of girl who dreamed about my husband”

“At a young age, all I could think was my work and my goals. And then I started getting dressed up and going on red carpets at such a young age… It doesn’t mean too much to me.”

“It’s frustrating. There’ve been many rumors about me, and they go away in a month or two weeks, because they don’t have anything to validate the rumors. So people make up whatever they want. But I can’0t dwell on it, because eventually the truth comes out.”

Aaah… and the most interesting quote:

I think I’m intelligent

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