Frank Neuschaefer: Bachelorette Contestant Season Six

June 9, 2010

Frank Neuschaefer is a Bachelorette contestant on season six. He is one of the bachelors hoping to win the heart of Ali Fedotowsky. Read more about Frank and see photos of the geeky, yet charming young buck looking for love. So just who is this guy?

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Meet Frank Neuschaefer, a Bachelorette contestant on season six looking to win the heart of the beautiful Ali Fedotowsky. Frank is said to be 31 years of age who was born and raised in Bartlett, Illinois. Currently he resides in Geneva, Illinois and serves as a retail manager. There is not a lot of biographical information on the bachelor but we will update as we get additional information.

Neuschaefer told ABC that the craziest thing he has ever done in his life is quit his job and packed up his bags to move to Europe. About his favorite holiday, Frank says that Thanksgiving is his favorite holiday because “people come together with no expectations of gifts, purely to be together.”

So if he could only bring three things to a desert island with him he would choose notebooks and pens, a guitar and an amazing girl. His dream date would be one held in Fiji or Bora Bora at an oceanside bungalow, just drinking wine, making love and talking until the sun rises.

While Frank is already a fan favorite because of his first date connection with Ali, Reality Steve has revealed some information about the bachelor that may make you want Ali to throw him out the mansion now.

So what does Steve reveal? I won’t reveal the spoiler here, so you’ll have to take a little looksie here if you are dying to know.

Do you think that Frank Neuschaefer is the right man for Ali? Who do you think would be the perfect guy for the blond bombshell?

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