Stefano Catelli: Gemma Arterton’s Husband

June 8, 2010

I guess dreams do come true. Well, at least for some. The Prince of Persia star’s prince charming, Stefano Catelli, is now officially the beautiful Gemma Arterton’s husband, and what a lucky guy! Find out more details from their secret ceremony and see photos and a video right here!

Stefano Catelli

Another secret wedding is revealed! Actress Gemma Arterton, 24, married her fiance Stefano Catelli, 37, over the weekend in Spain in a hush-hush ceremony. Be sure to check out photos and videos below.

As a biography, not much is known about Stefano Catelli, however, he is Gemma Arterton’s husband who works as a sales manager for a British fashion company in the village of Zuheros in Andalucia, Spain.

Reports say that the newlyweds exchanged vows at a 10th Century castle in the village of Zuheros in Andalucia, Spain. Very close friends and family witnessed their nuptials a-top a breathtaking, picture-esque hilltop. Following the ceremony, the couple were taken away via a vintage convertible.

The stunningly, beautiful bride wore a gown of cream color and grasped a beautiful bouquet of white roses.

Luckily for her, Catelli asked her hand in marriage last summer at the Download music festival.

Although Gemma Arterton’s husband mutually agrees of their impeccable chemistry, the starlet herself even said it in stone after meeting the man of her dreams. She said that their attraction was “absolutely instant,” adding that:

“I remember going home the night after I met him and writing in my diary that I’d met the man I’m going to marry. I gave that diary entry to him for his birthday two weeks later. But it didn’t freak him out, because he was thinking the same thing.”

What more could a girl want? Obviously, this former Bond girl gets what she wants! Congrats to happily-ever-after! You may leave your best-wishes for Stefano Catelli, Gemma Arterton’s husband, in the comment box. Also, see pictures and a video below.

Stefano Catelli Photo 1
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