J-Woww Clothing Line: Filthy Couture

June 8, 2010

A J-Woww clothing line? You better believe it peeps. Though she is basically a D-list star with fifteen minutes of fame ticking down on the clock, Jenni “J-Woww” Farley is making the most of her time. Read about the fashion future for the reality star and see photos here.

jenni jwoww farley

A J-Woww clothing line is now in the works. Let me see your fist pumping in the air if you just don’t care! For all you guidettes out there, you can now help support Woww’s career by dishing out some dough for some pieces of fabric to cover your body from the Filthy Couture line. If you saw photos of Jenni’s appearance at the MTV Movie Awards 2010, you got a little taste of what she has to offer from her pieces of fashion line. And because she has a rack that Snooki would die for, she’s taken her assets and talent to use…if you would call it that.

This news comes almost six months after Farley announced that she would be designing made-to-order fashion tops. Via her website we hear that, “Jenni has created the ultimate in fashionable clothing. She will be reinventing the term ‘Sexy Sophisticated.’ Not only will her line be ‘Edgy’ and ‘Sexy,’ but it will make people of all ages and body type feel more confident in ‘the scene.’ This exclusive line will be limited and custom made to your body type.”

About her style J-Woww says, “I’m more like rocker-edgy, but very sexy. Definitely all my dresses and bathing suits and my jeans and shirts will be like that. I keep it sexy classy. I won’t go to porn star sexy. I won’t go that far.”

So will you be snagging up some saucy tops from the J-Woww clothing line Filthy Couture? Let me know in the comments section below.

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Photos: Nikki Nelson/www.wenn.com

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