Paris is praying for her life … Sure!

May 15, 2007

When I see this picture of Paris Hilton smoking pot, I think Paris is just stupid. I think she does it on purpose. Seriously, she is happy when everybody talks about her. Her celebrity is based on money only. She deserves 45 days in jail for her driving offenses, but I think she deserves more than 45 days. She not only drives under the influence and blames her publicist, but then she insults the police by saying: “They are hitting on me.” OMG! Paris is showing the authorities that there’s no reason to let her out early. Poor Paris! It appears that money can’t buy everything… you know like a brain… Send her to her room. Take away T.V. cameras, internet, pot, weed, drugs, her Blackberry. Take away the car and let her go to jail so she respects the law and doesn’t continue to abuse it. Oh, and the most important thing: Nobody talks about her.

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