Marta Fitzgerald: Rush Limbaugh’s Ex wife

June 7, 2010

Marta Fitzgerald, also known as Marta Limbaugh, is Rush Limbaugh’s ex wife, his third to be exact after his unions with Roxy Maxine McNeely and Michelle Sixta. Just recently Limbaugh took the plunge once again, marrying Katherine Rogers in a ceremony held over the weekend of June 5th, 2010. Read more and see photos, video here.

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Meet Marta Fitzgerald, Rush Limbaugh’s ex wife number three. Marta is said to be a 35-year-old beauty who currently is an aerobics instructor. So just how did she meet Rush? Did she meet him on the political scene? Maybe a night out on the town? Or maybe a dive bar? Or not.

Oddly enough, both were members of the online service called CompuServe. A few flirts and winks the couple married in 1990. The two decided to hit up the house of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas to get hitched. Unfortunately, just three years later the couple decided to divorce.

Rush took his dirty laundry to his radio show announcing his separation from Fitzgerald saying, “Marta has consented to my request for a divorce, and we have mutually agreed to seek an amicable separation.”

So what was the reasoning behind the divorce? Well apparently rumors that Limbaugh is a closet homosexual erupted and Marta was told to keep those rumors on the down low. It seems as though Rush is not gay as he went ahead and wed his fourth wife in June of 2010.

Surprisingly enough the controversial talk show host has walked down the aisle a total of now four times. While Rush has himself a big mouth that he enjoys flapping, he’s also got a big bank account, all the more reason for another woman to take on the role of Rush’s wife and hopefully will not be headlined in news stories as Rush Limbaugh’s ex-wife. Marta Fitzgerald surely has a story to tell but more than likely will have to keep her mouth shut.

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