Gary Coleman Death Photos

June 7, 2010

A Gary Coleman death photo is being shopped around by various media outlets by an unknown source. We are hearing that someone took several pictures of the child actor just hours before he passed and again after he died. So just who would do such a thing? My gut feeling is it’s his wife Shannon Price who is looking to make a quick buck off of her husband’s death, but who knows for certain. Read more here and see photographs of Coleman here.

gary coleman

Can you believe Gary Coleman death photos are up for sale? Wow. TMZ is reporting that not only is a series of photos being shopped around of Coleman laying in a hospital bed hours before his death, but also one picture of Gary already dead is included in the sale. People are so damn greedy and psychotic these days. Why would someone do this? It’s called money, my friends.

TMZ is saying that they have seen a picture of Gary in the hospital with his eyes closed and hooked up to a ventilation machine. This particular one was taken just an hour before the child actor died. Somebody also took a photograph of the actor right after he was taken off of life support.

So just what type of price are we looking at? Try a number in the low five figures and you can snag up the pictures for whatever sick reason you so choose.

TMZ chose not to purchase the Gary Coleman death photos, but you can bet your booty somebody has a little extra ching set aside to snag up pictures of a dead body. How freakin’ wrong is that? Let me know your thoughts on this in the comments section below. Also enjoy the video of the child actor below. He”s such an adorable man.

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