Naomi Campbell… looks different

May 14, 2007

Naomi Campbell looks really different at the Operation Smile 25th Anniversary Couture Event. I don’t know, she doesn’t look like herself… I can’t stand her. But I think she has had plastic surgery. There is something strange in her face… her eyes and nose – look… NEW. Ok, ok I don’t like her, not just her behavior, but her looks. I’ve never understood why she’s considered attractive… She is the catwalk queen but she’s not beautiful…

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5 Responses to “Naomi Campbell… looks different”

  1. 1
    me Says:


  2. 2
    Jennifer Yearwood Says:


    You’re jealous cuz Naomi is famous and rich and you are not! Get a life!

  3. 3
    blainee Says:

    what a stupid comment .I think people are entitled to their opinion of who’s beautiful to them or who isn’t.
    YOU get a do you know that farandulista isn’t rich and gorgeous don’t know that at all you sad girl.
    I happen to agree.andit is certainly not a question of jealousy.grow up.
    Even Tyra banks ( to me looks prettier than Campbell.
    She’s an aggressive, mean looking woman.with a great body but not a nice face.( well I’ve seen her once in a London restuarant)don’t look so good without her extensions, full make up and blue contact lenses.There are so many more beautiful models, natural beauties on the catwalk.Much prettier than Campbell!!! FOR SURE

  4. 4
    blainee Says:

    HALLE BERRY…………10 times hotter than Unatural, bi*** ,ugly Naomi Campbell.She will look ugly in 10 years with all that anger.she doesn’t have a nice expression at all

  5. 5
    Naomi fan Says:

    lol, GET A LIFE, you hater, Naomi campbell can feedn the whole of your family for a whole year without it affecting her. you are envious, she is rich, beautifull, dines and wine with kings, queens, Presidents etc and you can not get to dine with the riches man in your town. poor you.
    go and sleep. Naomi is the most natural woman on earth real breast, nose, lips, body, colour. everything is the way God created it. get a life, over bleached piggy