2010 MTV Movie Awards Recap & Highlights

June 7, 2010

Last night was this year’s annual 2010 MTV Movie Awards! Whether you saw it or not I have all the details here with great photos and some video! So keep reading for who impressed and who kissed who!

MTV Movie Awards 2010  1

The hot most talked about things have to be Sandra Bullock’s appearance and the entertainment by Tom Cruise’s Les Grossman. There were some big winners and some even bigger surprises. There was definitely some girl-on-girl action with Scarlett Johansson and some Twilight lips we all wanted to see touch ALMOST did!

Popeater has all the dish on the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, and you can also check out more hot news at some of my favorite sites.

Jason Mraz wants to get involved and help with the Oil spill reports Pop Dirt.

The Post Chronicle has the story of the terrible tornado in the Midwest.

And though it hasn’t aired yet, Sandra Bullock appeared for another awards show Saturday and Shallow Nation has pics.

The Shrimpton Couture Blog has great photos of model Olivia Palermo.

At the MTV awards, Twilight definitely did well and Star Pulse has all the details.

Stupid Celebrities has photos from Rush Limbaugh’s recent wedding.

The Tattle Tart says Miley and Liam are still together! Check it out!

Derek Hough and Cheryl Cole together in pics at Splash News!!

Now back to the drama at the show. Okay, so Tom Cruise dressed as his crazy ‘Tropic Thunder’ persona and was very entertaining, and raunchy. And he actually did a great duet with J Lo!! What most people were holding their breaths for was hearing from Sandra Bullock. She was very classy and said she’s “not going anywhere.” Then she shocked us all and smooched Scarlett Johansson! She’ came back boldly that’s for sure! TMZ has photos of it and more details as well so check it out!

What did you think of the 2010 MTV Movie Awards? Let me know you r comments on the celebrities and events. Also check out more photos of some attendees and this great video!

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Photos: www.wenn.com/Adriana M. Barraza, Nikki Nelson

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