Tressa Middleton: Britain’s Youngest Mother

June 5, 2010

Meet Tressa Middleton, Britain’s youngest mother. Tressa gave birth at 12 and this week she has come forward with the truth: her brother Jason Middleton raped her and is the father of the baby. Read her heartbreaking story and see video here.

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When she first made headlines four years ago, Tressa Middleton was seen as an unruly child who was a bad seed, already involved with drugs and alcohol, it was sad, yet not shocking that she was pregnant. However this week, a light has been shone on her true story, as she finally had the courage to step up and defend herself, revealing the truth about what happened.

It turns out that Tressa was a victim herself. Her brother, Jason Middleton who is five years older, began molesting her when she was just 7.

“All those people out there think I’m some kind of slut, but they don’t know how it really was. I was 11. I didn’t even know what sex was – or what it was for. I was about seven when he started on me and when Jason first did it, I didn’t know it was wrong. When I did, I blamed myself. He was usually drunk. Sometimes he bribed me, blackmailed me, to do it. he’d say he was going to tell Mum. He’d give me things – joints, drink, cigarettes. Or he’d threaten me.”

Tressa did tell her parents, but they accused her of lying, even after the DNA testing confirmed the allegations. Tressa was brave enough to share her story, and her brother Jason, was sentenced to jail for four years. Not nearly long enough in my opinion. But a lawyer used his “shocking home environment as a defense for the fact that he raped his sister.”

Tressa has been in Britain’s child care system since the birth of her baby and has struggled with substance abuse, self harming, and even attempted suicide twice. Her baby girl was placed for adoption and while at first she fought to see her, she is now working on getting her life together and one day hopes to build a relationship with her child.

She is in a relationship with a 24-year-old man named Darren, who ‘is the first man to treat me nicely’, and hopes to join the army. You can see pictures of Tressa here.

While the story is still heartbreaking, I am sure it took a ton of courage for Scotland’s youngest mother to come forward with the truth and clear up the misconceptions of her life. Sure, she has had some serious issues with drugs and such, but after living in such an environment, it is not unexpected. I hope she gets her life together and is able to move forward as a person now that the truth has been revealed.

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