Chace Crawford: Arrest (Mugshot Photo)

June 4, 2010

Are you surprised to hear of a Chace Crawford arrest? Sure, the baby blue-eyed Gossip Girl stud may look like an innocent man who would be able to get away with anything. But I guess I thought wrong. His good boy reputation came to a halt last night after he was busted for marijuana. Read more about the arrest and see the mugshot photo here.

chace crawford

News of a Chace Crawford arrest was revealed first on the TMZ website today, June 4th, 2010, which is a somewhat sexy mugshot photo if there is such a thing. What we are hearing is that the Gossip Girl star and a friend were having a bit of too much fun in Texas when they decided to drive around with marijuana in their vehicle (allegedly). Were they on a mission to snag up some Doritos? Or were they making a late night Taco Bell run to satisfy the munchies? Who really knows.

While not a lot of information has not been revealed but what we do know is that Crawford was busted in Plano, Texas in the parking lot of a little bar named Ringo’s Pub.

It was just shortly after midnight that police stopped to find Crawford and a pal in their car. But it was the unlit joint that the police found that landed the hunky television star sitting behind bars. Just under 2 ounces of pot was found. Now while I don’t condone smoking pot, it is obvious that most of young Hollywood is tempted by the indulgence in smoking the ganja and snagging up some prescription pills to crush and snort. So am I surprised to hear that Chace got busted? Not so much. What disturbs me most is that large caterpillar that is stuck to Chace’s forehead. It’s a damn shame that the peeps at the jail didn’t allow him to peel that sucker off. Oh well.

Check out the Chace Crawford mugshot photo in the video below.

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