John Wooden: UCLA Coach Rushed to Hospital

June 4, 2010

Legendary coach John Wooden has been hospitalized at age 99. Some reports say he is on his death bed, as he has been very ill for days. Read more about the details below, with great photos and video.

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This is a very tragic story and no one likes to hear about an icon not doing well. Thursday night his family took him to the UCLA Medical Center where some say he is in “grave condition.” Other than that though they are keeping things quiet and only within his close loved ones.

Even if we don’t know much we wish him well. Bumpshack has some more details on John Wooden you can see, and also check out these big stories.

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Back to the health of the iconic coach. I know he has lived a long life, but we never want to see anyone be so close to death. Either way we do have one great life to celebrate, and one in which he tried to make it the best he could be. ESPN reported, when asked how he has had such a full life, he was quoted saying:

“There’s no answer, but if I had to give one, I’d say life needs balance. And love.”

What do you think of the basketball legend John Wooden? Leave your comments below, and see more photos and video of the UCLA man.

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Photos: Livingston

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