Mark Bish: Rue McClanahan’s Son

June 3, 2010

Meet Mark Bish. He is the remarkable and classic Golden Girl Rue McClanahan’s son. Such saddening news today after learning the death of his beloved mother. There is so much to reflect on, as the actress successfully made her mark in history. Find out more details and see photos and a video right here.

Rue McClanahan Son

This is definitely a day of mourning, especially for Mark Bish, the Golden Girl’s only son. Be sure to check out photos and videos below.

As a biography, Mark Bish was born in Ardmore, Oklahoma in 1958 and is 52 years old. He is most-known as actress Rue McClanahan’s son. His father, Tom Bish, was a stage actor in New York City where his parents first met and fell in love. He can be seen in “Intimate Portrait: Rue McClanahan” and has worked as a production assistant for Biosphere 2.

Following an unfortunate massive stoke, Mark Bish’s mother passed way today around 1 am Thursday, June 3rd. According to reports, the actress was taken off life support and left this world peacefully, surrounded by her loved ones; her son, sister, and nephew.

As stated in the Golden Girl’s living will, she included that if “she were brain dead, they should pull the plug”. Ultimately, the final decision was her son Mark’s. So the New York Presbyterian hospital awaited for his arrival so that an absolute agreement could be reached.

To read more about your favorite Golden Girl, be sure to read her autobiography, “My First Five Husbands … And the Ones Who Got Away”.

What an incredible lady! Mark Bish, Rue McClanahan’s son will continue to live her legacy as he is her one and only child. Please leave us your thoughts in the comment box and see pictures and a video below.

Rue McClanahan Son Photo 1
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3 Responses to “Mark Bish: Rue McClanahan’s Son”

  1. 1
    Heather Says:

    Rue was such an amazing woman and a talented actress. I love her in Golden Girls and Mama’s Family.

  2. 2
    Tary Says:

    I read her book. Have collected most of her work. Always hoped to meet her. Oh, Mark, how she loved you. Her training, her timing, all she invested in hard work to reach her goals – but it never took away her love for you. I cried for her as I did my own mother. God help your heart. Just one of the millions of fans.

  3. 3
    Monique Says:

    I have watched Golden Girls since I was a young girl and always continued to watch the repeats. Now at the age of 36, I still watch Golden Girls, I have a few CD collections. The thing for me is…I watch Golden Girls for comfort, for some reason it makes me feel that way, watching it. There has NEVER been a better blend of characters and personalities than the Golden Girls. May God bless you Rue. You’re a wonderful lady.