Keshia Chante: Drake’s Girlfriend

June 2, 2010

Keshia Chanté Harper used to be Drake’s girlfriend. Back in the day, these two were as close as peanut butter and jelly but it was when they both became grown that they decided to part ways. Read more about their relationship and see photos here.

keshia chante

Meet Keshia Chante Harper, once Drake’s girlfriend. Keshia was born in Ottawa, Ontario on June 16th, 1988, which makes her to be 21 years of age at the time of this writing. From a very early age, Keshia’s mother knew there was something special about her daughter. It was at the age of six, that her mother signed up her for a Black History event celebration where she would perform the Tupac hit “Dear Mama”.

As she got more comfortable in front of a crowd, Keshia took part in several talent contests. It was at one competition for St. Peter’s Catholic high school, where she attended, that Chante would get noticed by a local deejay. Ottawa DJ Trevor Mason sent in a tape of the young performer singing to BMG Canada big wig Ivan Berry. It was eight years later that she would get a call from Berry that would change her life forever. After performing an impromptu song over the phone, Keshia was invited into Toronto for a live audition that eventually led to a record deal.

After briefly being romantically linked to Chris Brown back in 2006, Drake went public with his past relationship with Keshia in only a way a singer knows how (unless you are John Mayer)…with a song.

In the song Deceiving, Drake addressed rumors of his relations with the songstress and went on to tell MuchMusic, “Would I call Keshia Chante an ex? I’d be proud to say she is an ex. I’m proud to say we had our time, when we were, like 16 years old. She’s great. She’s one of the first people in the industry that I met, we just connected.”

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