Wu Tang Clan Name Generator!

June 2, 2010

Do you want a hip new nickname? Then you need to check out the Wu Tang Clan name generator! It was first introduced a couple months ago, and is a funny way to find a name that may make you a star. You have to keep reading for more details on this, with more photos and a video!

Wu Tang Clan 4

There are a couple different sites that change a plain name into something like “Wicked Specialist” (that’s my cool name!). There are all kinds of thing where all of us normal people can pretend to be a part of the celebrity world, and this one being associated with the Wu Tang Clan, the name generator is a hit!

The Huffington Post has more details, and links to the nickname makers! But also check out what else is making headlines today!

Popeater explains that we will see Sandra again at the MTV Movie Awards!

Charlie Sheen took the plea deal and is heading to jail says Bricks and Stones Gossip.

Check out I Need My Fix for hot pictures of Kutcher and Heigl at the “Killers” premier!

Apparently Miley Cyrus had some trouble in high heels, says In Entertainment.

Guess who’s pregnant now… Mariah Carey, reports Celebrity Dirty Laundry!

Celebrity Hot Sauce has a great photo of Ashlee Simpson out without the baby.

Uh oh! Real Housewife Sonja Morgan gets a DWI! Head to Have U Heard for all the deets!

Sneak peeks from Lady Gaga are at Amy Grindhouse. Check them out!

As for the website nickname maker, who ever knows how these things work, but they are always entertaining. And if you didn’t check out the post above, now check out Gather for another chance and go ahead and find out your cool music name.

Now tell me, did you enjoy the Wu Tang Clan name generator? Leave me our comments, and maybe your hip hop name, below after you check out these photos and a video of the group that is behind it!

Wu Tang Clan 1Wu Tang Clan 2Wu Tang Clan 3Wu Tang Clan 5Wu Tang Clan 6Wu Tang Clan 7

Photos: www.wenn.com/Carsten Windhorst, PNP

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