Roberto Martinez: The Bachelorette Contestant

May 31, 2010

Meet Roberto Martinez. He is ABC’s The Bachelorette contestant vying for not only the heart of Ali Fedetowsky but the final rose. Find out more details and see photos and a video of their meeting below.

The Bachelorette Contestant 1

This hug-giving bachelor appears to be there for all the right reasons. Lucky for him, Roberto Martinez received the “first impression rose”. I think Ali made the right choice, how about you? Be sure to check out photos and videos below.

As a biography, Roberto Martinez is from Charleston, South Carolina and is 26 years old. He is originally from Tampa, Florida and is an insurance agent. He is most-known as The Bachelorette contestant on Season Six of The Bachelorette featuring Ali Fedotowsky, vying for her heart and final rose. He enjoys baseball and beach activities.

As The Bachelorette contestant, Roberto Martinez, walked out of the limo, you could definitely tell that America’s sweetheart, Ali Fedotowsky, was pleasantly surprised. But when he started speaking Spanish with an invitation to salsa dance? Now that’s sexy. Roberto totally captured the moment and took the competition to the next level, and without a moment to spare, lead The Bachelorette, in what suitor Hunter calls, a “hot sauce” dance. Hot, yes, saucy, yes. I guess I would certainly be jealous with a move like that, and besides, Ali clearly enjoyed it! Team Roberto!

With Roberto getting the First Impression rose, Ali says that she is very happy about the opportunity, and says, “The season finale is going to be really interesting and something I don’t think people would maybe expect or have seen before.” Great, I absolutely cannot wait!

After last night’s premiere, Fedotowsky eliminated 8 of the 25 contestants hoping for a rose. For your information, one of the suitors who received a rose after almost being sent home, will reportedly live up to his name, or nickname rather, Rated-R, Justin Rego. With him involved, it is said to be the “biggest scandal of the season”! Find out more details of his alleged heartless and inexcusable secret right here.

Be sure to stay tuned! This season’s The Bachelorette is sure to keep you on your toes! As for Roberto Martinez, The Bachelorette contestant…you have my vote and I hope you succeed with winning the heart of America’s sweetheart. Leave your thoughts in the comment box and see pictures and video from Ali and Roberto’s meeting below.

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2 Responses to “Roberto Martinez: The Bachelorette Contestant”

  1. 1
    Robert Veylupek Says:

    I was really impressed with you from the first night of this season.
    Congratulations on getting the first impression rose. I hope you end up with the final rose.
    You and Ali really deserve each other.
    Buena suerta . Robert Veylupek\

  2. 2
    Joey (female) Says:

    Hi Roberto. My name is Joey and I am a female. The name fools people sometimes but hope things work out for you and Ali but if not, I’de really like to meet you. Long shot I know but hey, what do I have to lose? Wish you the best of luck and God Bless :)