Justin Rego: The Bachelorette Contestant

May 31, 2010

Well, this season’s reality hit tv show series has gotten off to a dramatic start. Rated-R, aka Justin Rego is The Bachelorette contestant competing to win the heart, and the final rose of Ali Fedotowsky. But the question is, is he? Find out more details and see photos and a video right here.

Justin Rego

As you know, The Bachelorette featuring Ali Fedotowsky has just kicked off. In a premiere, this season appears to be quite an emotional one! But not only for her, but for one of her vying contestants, Justin Rego. Perhaps his “Rated-R” image is clearly something to watch out for. Be sure to check out photos and videos below.

As a biography, Justin Rego, The Bachelorette contestant is from Toronto, Canada and is 26 years old. He is an entertainment wrestler who also enjoys: baseball, soccer, basketball, and poker. Justin is on the hit tv series vying for the love of this season’s bachelorette, Ali Fedotowsky. But is he?

So last night, the show’s host, Chris Harrison, surprisingly came out with an opportunity for The Bachelorette contestants to vote for whom they thought were not readily there for the right reasons. By the most votes, Rated-R Justin Rego, took an overwhelming amount of criticism for not only his job, but for other reasons that the other suitors deemed unsuitable for Ali.

Perhaps Fedotowsky should have trusted their instincts. For now, she just may have been played a fool. After Justin’s alleged “sincere” explanation on behalf of the other bachelor’s insight, she had the choice to immediately send him packing, or to ask him if he would accept a rose. What did she do? She placed a rose on the suit of a man who already has a very tattered public image.

According to reports, it is said that Justin Rego already had found love. And not just one, but from two women from back home. Reportedly, The Bachelorette contestant allegedly had two girlfriends while competing for the heart of America’s sweetheart, Ali Fedotowsky. This heart-breaking news leads to the “biggest scandal of the season”! For pictures of Rego’s two girlfriends, Kimberly Kerekes and Jessica Sillas, go to: realitytea.com

Food for thought: According to Kimberly and her boyfriend’s decision to go on national television, she said, “I agreed to keep dating him because he told me it was to launch his career and it had nothing to do with actually falling in love.” She also reported that the entertainment wrestler was only going to be on the show to further his career.

Well this season is definitely going to be a season you will not want to miss. The following suitors competing for the heart of America’s sweetheart are: Roberto (who received the first impression rose), Justin, Jesse, Ty, Craig R., Tyler V., Frank, Steve, Chris L., Kirk, John C., Chris N., Chris H., Hunter, Craig M., Jonathan, and Kasey.

Following last night’s cut from 25 men to 17, she said:

“I’m so happy with the 25 guys I got this season. One thing I said to the producers coming in is I do not want the male model who can’t put two sentences together. I want smart, interesting guys that are going to, you know, just keep me excited about the relationship, and who they are, and what they bring to the table, and that’s exactly what I got.”

You may leave your thoughts about Justin Rego, The Bachelorette contestant, in the comment box. Also, see pictures and a video below.

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One Response to “Justin Rego: The Bachelorette Contestant”

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    Karen Says:

    It’s too bad, he’s sooo hot, and actually seems to be a nice guy. I actually felt bad for him at one time. He’s a very good actor. The funny thing is I would still probably date him after all of that.