Sammy Milewski: Jack Shepherd Affair (Photos)

May 30, 2010

Meet Sammy Milewski, Jack Shepherd’s affair. Milewski is now pregnant and claims that Jack P. is the father. Get the details and check out her photos and video here.

Sammy Milewski

Jack Shepherd, who plays David Platt, in the ITV1 soap Coronation Street seems to be in a bit of a pickle. A hot young promotions girl claims she had an affair with the actor and is now pregnant with his child.

Sammy Milewski claims to have met Jack P. at a bar back in April. He allegedly told her he had split from girlfriend, and mother of his child, Lauren Shippey. She said,

“When we met he told me he was single – and I thought he was a great down-to-earth guy. Now I realize he is just an immature prat. I’ve even had one of his friends on at me – pressuring me to have a termination. But I won’t do it…I thought that if he was in a relationship then he wouldn’t kiss me in public, so I believed him. One of my mates even took a picture of us and he didn’t mind.”

Sammy went on to give more details about their one night stand saying that they had sex once with a condom, but it broke. They later did it again, this time without a condom and Jack was not careful. If this is true, it sounds like they both screwed up.

Sammy says she considered abortion but once she saw the child inside her, she couldn’t do it. Jack was not so pleased,

“He said the baby would ruin his life. I told him I didn’t want to wreck his life but I couldn’t have an abortion and wreck mine.”

As far as a biography on Sammy here is what we know. Her myspace profile, where we found the gorgeous pictures of her, says Sammy Miller. She is 22 years old with platinum blonde hair, light eyes, and petite measurements. She is a promotions girl and struggling actress.

Her myspace page also says that she likes to “just go crazy with a Little help from my fav drink sex on the beach.”You can do a quick search and find her barely wearing anything lingerie photos pretty easily.

Check out more photos along with a video below, and then leave me your thoughts on the Sammy Milewski, Jack Shepherd affair allegations.

Sammy Milewski photoSammy Milewski

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