Tom Cruise: Dead or Another Hoax?

May 28, 2010

Did you believe the stories that we had seen the last of Tom Cruise? Dead men don’t walk on the red carpet, so this myth is busted! Read all about the incident below, with more photos and video of the man who is definitely alive!

Tom Cruise  7

A story that is rumored to have started from a website that makes up false storied about celebrities, swirled around the internet. The news said the actor fell of cliffs in New Zealand which killed him. But, Wednesday night he was seen with wife Katie Holmes in London at the National Movie Awards, where the pair looked stunning!

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Back to what the actor’s publicist calls “erroneous and unreliable internet garbage.” He continued, “This is completely not true. Tom is not in New Zealand nor has he been there recently.” It is obviously not true and instead of being dead, Tom Cruise was a hit at the awards show!

So… tell me what you think about the website that made up the story? Make sure to leave your comments and check out these photos and video.

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Photos: Toby

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