Angie Sanclemente Valencia: Narco Queen Arrested (Photos)

May 27, 2010

Meet Angie Sanclemente Valencia, the Narco Queen. After several months of dodging Argentine police, the beauty queen and lingerie model has finally been arrested. Check out Angie Sanclemente Valencia photos along with video here.

Angie Sanclemente Valencia

Angie Sanclemente has been wanted by police for over five months, as she is the suspected leader of one of the world’s largest drug organizations. She was finally arrested yesterday in Argentina, where she was found residing in a hostel under a pseudonym.

Angie Valencia has quite a story. She is a gorgeous Colombian woman born on May 25, 1979 making her age 31. She is a beauty queen and lingerie model, you can see some of those sexier pictures of her here. Though there are several nearly naked pics, but not a single full nude photo was found. She is not that type of model people!

In 2000, she was named the International Queen of Coffee, but had her crown revoked after it was discovered she was married. Marriage is against pageant rules.

Her former boyfriend, known as “The Monster”, is rumored to be where her troubles began. He is believed to be a Mexican drug lord, and after they broke up, she is rumored to have started a rival cartel. She supposedly recruited several beautiful women to smuggle drugs across the boarders, and in December she was betrayed by one of her alleged workers. A 21-year-old woman was caught with 55 kilograms (121 pounds) of cocaine in her baggage boarding a flight to Cancun. This amazing discovery led to six other arrests, and identifying Angie as the “Narco Queen.” She is also being searched for as Angie San Clemente Valencia.

The investigation is still open, but one source has spoken to the press,

“When they organized the trafficking of cocaine to Mexico, she participated in the meetings.”

Angie’s mother has jumped to her daughters defense saying,

“She is no drug trafficker, nor is she the queen of cocaine. There are bad intentions – a plot against her. She will prove her innocence.”

After looking at Angie Sanclemente Valencia pictures and video and reading the story, what do you think? Is she being setup, or is she the mastermind behind this drug organization, and indeed the Narco Queen? Tell me in the comments below.

Angie Sanclemente ValenciaAngie Sanclemente Valencia photo

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