Jeremy Shockey: Hospitalized

May 27, 2010

New Orleans Saints tight end, Jeremy Shockey has reportedly been hospitalized after reportedly suffering a seizure. Find out more details and see photos and a video right here.

Jeremy Shockey

According to reports, this afternoon following practice, Shockey was experiencing “seizure-like symptoms” in the team’s weight room before an ambulance was called and sources say that the football player was able to meet medical personnel outside without any assistance.

The team’s coach, Sean Payton said:

“I talked to Jeremy from the hospital and the good news is he’s feeling better and everything looks real good. They don’t know if it was dehydration or what. That’s what they’re going through right now. They just want to make sure it’s nothing more significant than that”.

Moreover, coach Payton assumes that his tight end will be hospitalized overnight as a precaution. It is said that there is no details as to what exactly caused the episode.

The Saints safety, Darren Sharper, and other players witnessed the incident, calling it “scary”. Sharper said that Shockey did comment that he was feeling light-headed but they “didn’t know what was going on”. Another teammate explained that Jeremy was “shaking” and seemed “out of it for probably a minute or so, but it seemed longer.”

Shockey appears to be doing better. He actually tweeted his fans via Twitter the following message:

“I am ok, thanks to everyone who has shown their concern don’t worry about
me I will be fine.. WHO DAT!!”

Just a little over a year ago, Saints tight end was found unconscious at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas and was treated and released for dehydration.

Well, you are clearly a Saint! Great to hear that it is good news for Jeremy Shockey who is being hospitalized for a reported seizure. It always could be worse. You may leave your well-wishes in the comment box and see pictures and a video below.

Jeremy Shockey Photo 1Jeremy Shockey Picture 2Jeremy Shockey Photo 3
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