Gary Coleman Dead of Brain Hemorrhage

May 28, 2010

As a result from a fall, Gary Coleman is reportedly being hospitalized in Utah for a head injury. He is said to be in critical condition and there will be more updates soon. Find out more revealing details and see photos and a video right here.

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***UPDATE 5/28/2010***
According to, sad but true, Gary Coleman is dead resulting from a brain hemorrhage. The loveable actor reportedly suffered from an intracranial hemorrhage and fell into a coma, where he was then placed on life support. This morning, the actor passed away after he was taken off life support in the company of his wife, Shannon Price and her father. Gary was only 42 years old. Rest in peace, my friend.

Reportedly, the actor, 42, was taken from his home to Utah Regional Medical Centerspokesperson, yesterday, for what is now believed to be a head injury, resulting from a fall. Be sure to check out photos and videos below.

TMZ reports that Gary’s brother-in-law said that the actor is being treated for a head injury. The accident took place bout 12:50 pm Wednesday afternoon.

It seems as if lately Coleman has not been the healthiest man to date. Just this year, he has tolerated two seizures. The two instances included one seizure on January 6, and the second sometime in February on the set of “The Insider”. A person onboard called 911, “We have someone having a seizure right now on our stage … we just need someone as soon as possible.”

A spokesperson for Gary’s camp could not comment much on the actor’s condition, “We’re just getting bits and pieces right now, so there’s really nothing to report. If there’s anything to announce, we’ll let you know.”

Coleman already suffers from nephritis, a kidney disease that affects his “short stature”.

His wife, Shannon Price and her dad released a statement:

“We hope those prayers are answered and that Gary will be able to recover and return home soon.”

Gary and Shannon wed in 2007. The actor has lived in Utah since 2005.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Gary Coleman and his entire family. Let’s hope his hospitalization is a short stay and that he gets well soon! Leave your get-well wishes in the comment box and see pictures and a video below.

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Photos: Nelson/Apega/Starbux

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