Russell Brand Complex Magazine Cover and Interview June/July 2010

May 27, 2010

Have you seen the Russell Brand Complex magazine cover for the June/July 2010 issue? Ooooweee! Talk about hotness times ten, minus Brand of course. No, I’m not a lesbian by any means but come on people, though Brand isn’t the sexiest man on the planet he sure as heck can get the women and good looking women at that. Perhaps it’s his eccentric charm? Check out the cover, interview and photos here.

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Surprise, surprise. The Russell Brand Complex magazine cover for June/July 2010 is a racy one, as is the photo shoot. A bunch of scantily clad women, a big fat bowl of sausages and a scrawny hair-filled chest is just what one should expect with Brand. Ok, so who really knows about the sausages but the point is shouldn’t the perception of Russ be a tad different now that he has settled down with his soon-to-be wife Katy Perry?

As a man who once boasted of getting freak nasty with more than 90 women in one month, Brand is now a one-woman man. So you can about imagine that the temptation to stray is there, even if it is slight. Brand says, “From that first date with Katy, I didn’t return another call to another girl. I didn’t go anywhere, didn’t mess around with anybody at all. It’s almost been a relief.”

So what about that slight temptation? Brand adds, “It’s a bottomless pit. It’s not like you could ever fill that. But before Katy I’d never met anyone before where I thought, ‘OK, this makes sense’. This is now a time to make an effort.”

As from what it sounds like this is really love and not just a publicity stunt. In fact, Brand loves talking about the wedding and the way he would like to have it done. He says, “It’s going to be indulgent. Everyone’s going to be topless, the bride, the groom, that’s me, our parents, all topless. It will be a festival of decadence. The first thing we’re going to do is slaughter a swan. That’s to the god Zeus. Our wedding is essentially going to be a recreation of the greatest moments in mythological history.”


See the Russell Brand Complex magazine cover for the June/July 2010 issue here.

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