Kevin Maher: Danielle Staub’s Husband

May 26, 2010

I would like you to meet Kevin Maher. His name may sound familiar to you, because he happens to be New Jersey Housewife Danielle Staub’s husband, formally. Find out more interesting details and see photos and a video right here.

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So he said she said. But will we ever know the truth? Well, to every side, there is a story. With all the hateful accusations she has made of her former husband, Kevin Maher, it almost seems as if this housewife has an issue with almost everyone that she comes in contact with! New Jersey, you feel me? Be sure to check out photos and videos below.

Updated news December 2010: Kevin Maher is reportedly suing Simon & Schuster for “knowingly publishing false information” in the book The Naked Truth, in particular the claims made that he beat up his wife.

As a biography, Kevin Maher, is most-known as Bravo star, “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” Danielle Staub’s husband, formally. Currently, Maher resides in California and works as a private investigator. He is a police informant who also published a book titled, “Cop Without a Badge” which includes details of Danielle Staub’s previous lifestyle including: drug addiction, life as a stripper, and legal troubles. The pair were briefly married back in 1988. On Valentine’s Day of 2009, he again married and the couple later welcomed a baby girl. Maher also has a step-daughter.

During Staub’s first season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey” the star vowed to set the record straight with the other Housewives. This time around, Danielle says:

“Could I allow my children to think that that’s OK? That it’s OK for a person to treat any other human being the way I was treated? Could I have my children be witness to having a table thrown at me and being called a prostitution who**?…Last season all you saw was a woman targeted and victimized. This season, you don’t see a victim any more.”

Likewise, Danielle Staub’s ex-husband says enough is enough. Apparently, Maher will not take anymore of her deception. So Kevin took a lie detector test and passed. So, he now suggests that Danielle take a test to prove her innocence! What has she got to lose, right? If you are telling the truth, it’s way too easy!

Kevin says, “She went through the first season of the television show just lying with impunity,” adding, “Now, she’s going to be caught. I’m not going to spare any expense to bring this woman to justice.” Absolutely, I couldn’t agree with you more! She needs to be served.

Moreover, he says of Staub’s persona, “She’s very smart, and when she wants something, she’s one of the most determined women in the world but she’s also a pathological liar. I believe she’s been psychologically scarred since childhood, and when you live that kind of life, you have to be a liar.” Also a good point.

Some of these brutal accusations made by the Housewife include that he had allegedly “raped her on a bed of broken glass, had inserted his handgun inside [Danielle] and played Russian Roulette and, finally, murdered her dog by hanging it”. These allegations sure do sound pretty unbelievable, hence, I would definitely challenge her to a lie detector test so that we all can finally hear the truth be told!

To hear more about Staub’s fast, past-life, her new memoir tells all in a book that she titled, “The Naked Truth”.

So who do you believe? I’m going to have to side with Danielle Staub’s husband, at one time, Kevin Maher. The NJ Housewife just does not seem too credible. Leave us your thoughts in the comment box and see pictures and a video below.

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Photos: Otero

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12 Responses to “Kevin Maher: Danielle Staub’s Husband”

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  1. 1
    Tyke Says:

    This girl is dangerous. It is not entertaining. I see this woman on TV and it scares me. She is not psychologically okay. Do these other cast members have protection? I think Bravo needs to answer this for viewers who feel this is uncomfortable.

  2. 2
    sophie Says:

    I can’t see Danielle being raped on a bed of glass and having a gun used in the process.

    I can, however, believe that she weaves in a tiny bit of truth with every whopping lie that comes out of her mouth.

    Here’s what I think happened: They were drinking wine in the ‘boudoir’. There was a wine glass that fell on the bed in the wake of their passion. Maybe it then fell on the floor and broke.

    Perhaps Danielle, being the kinky mama she wants us all to believe she is…requested the services of the gun as sex toy.

    And that’s as much thought as I want to give this. Wouldn’t put it past her to pull that, and then ‘remember’ it differently to her advantage later.

    She’s a piece of work.

  3. 3
    Tracey Says:

    Bottom line she’s a total sicko. A bonafide pathetic pathological liar. I don’t think she’s attractive at all although her daughters are gorgeous. I feel sorry for them to have to go through their Mom’s evilness. She gives me the creeps and you can tell she’s trailor.

  4. 4
    Kevin Maher Says:

    Thank you for getting it… few do.


    Kevin Maher

  5. 5
    Chrissy Says:

    Kevin ~ I don’t think you need to worry about people getting it. It only takes someone to watch 1 episode from either season to see what a twisted manipulating compulsive attention getter Danielle is. I can’t even imagine what hell she put you through!
    Best wishes to you and your new wife.

  6. 6
    DeeDee Says:

    It’s crystal clear this woman is a wack-job, I saw right through her since Season ONE! She has to be stopped, she hurts everyone and feels nothing. Enough is enough. I feel sorry for her daughters to have that kind of person as a mother! Good for you Kevin.

  7. 7
    Jenny Says:

    I’m amazed there are people out there that actually believe what this psychopath says. Kevin passed a lie detector test, she refuses to take one. I don’t consider her the least bit entertaining, I consider her frightening and very, very sick.

  8. 8
    Susan Says:

    However….Maher’s own family says that HE’S a pathological liar, has a distorted view of reality and refuse to have anything to do with him. Plus, he admitted to hitting Danielle but said it was only once. He sholdn’t used her name inhis book or included her mugshot in deference to her children. There are only three pages about her, yet some people think the whole book was about her. I carefully read all 32 of the actual court papers. There was NO kidnapping or pistol whipping. In fact, it was the so-called ‘victim’s idea to extort money from his own father up in New York. The real court papers are available @

  9. 9
    Camel To Says:

    I just want to know more real deal on Mr. Maher, really. Where was his mind back then, troubled? Or maybe there was some really great reason and falling in love made absolute sense…really? Where were parents, siblings, friends? As a friend, I would’ve broken many of your bones and off to hospital in order to wake up, smell the coffee and find a mate like mosrt of us do in normal adult relationship-land…..really… I’m sure “Danielle” wasn’t your only choice as a mate, what was SOOO great about her that you wanted to make her your wife and produce babies from such a verified damaged devil girl? Wish I knew how/why you veered off whatever course in finding a mate, what happened to you back then, Kevin, I mean really? BJ’s wouldn’t cut it for a wedding ring, come on. Nobody on this planet would EVER think Beverly could/would be anything more than a penetration (and even that boggles me, how could any male stiffen up and dive in? I’d rather pork Barbara Bush or Bea Arthur’s carcass). What’s wrong with ya and have you healed from your severe veer off course? I hope so and very sad you ever had to make a life with such a cave? Thanks for not taking offense, my man. I heard now she is carpet munchin with a lez gal singer, I can see that as true, absolutely. Any sane man, even if impotent and old/one foot in grave would know to whip out a cross and make “it” go back into “it’s” coffin. Am, I a jerk or wrong? Has ANUONE asked you what you saw in that lady of the night? Where’s your dang father??? Older brother? Someone didn’t watch out for Kevin, I would’ve, that’s what friends are for….not to punch the kitty of the prostitute kind…..and certainly not marry it and drop seed so it can spawn kids (although those 2 girls look sweet and hope they will grow up in peace).. XO, Cheers, Camela from Iiwara Province, Japan.

  10. 10
    Amy Says:

    Cop Without A Badge, excellent book!

    Apparently, is now malfunctioning, I’ll have to see that later.

    Maher seemed to contradict his book in the Geraldo interview by saying she turned 2 Colombians. The book protects her by suggesting he made that part up to get her out of trouble.

    I can relate to wanting to withdraw protection, if that meaningful gesture was returned by blow after blow of bizarre rumor and attention seeking by character assassination- done for who knows what reason.

    My FAMILY constantly does that, BTW, it’s taken me 20 years to throw my hands up and walk away just hurt at the constant nonsense. But I don’t think of them as the devil family lol. Using me or stories of me to get through difficult situations (blaming me) or to woo friends, attention and affection. check.

    I’ve often wished for a situation like this with a polygraph, it would be the tiniest most welcome ray of sunshine. My brother could pass any poly tho, so he’d say I bet; it’d have to be a newer than 70’s technology. Anyway, I think both parties should take the polygraph, and just deal with the outcome.

    The nature of rumors are known to all. Even if it’s just a teensy bit true.. just THINK about who you’re doing this to in the end. Everywhere you go, there you are.

    I don’t even watch television enough to know anything about reality TV, but I do know about reality and heavy loss. Best of luck to the Mahers all. It was bad taste but at least there’s something you can do about it in print.

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