Clay Aiken’s Boyfriend Reed Kelly

May 26, 2010

Who wants to see Clay Aiken’s boyfriend Reed Kelly? Considering that fatherhood has turned Clay Aiken into a marshmellow-looking Casper, I’m pretty sure he is still friendly and smiley as ever. And why wouldn’t he be smiley with a boyfriend like Reed Kelly? Ok so Reed isn’t all that and a bag of chips, I’d say he is at least half of that and no chips added to the mix but who doesn’t like a good naked video when approached with one? I’ve got some sexy footage right here for all you sick freaks with dirty minds.

reed kelly

Seeing Clay Aiken’s boyfriend Reed Kelly naked may not be one of the top 50 celebrities on your to see flinging his junk around sans clothing. But hey, why not when the getting is good right?

So what made Reed want to strip down to his skivvies? Money, duh. If you haven’t heard of Broadway Cares, let me fill you in. They are the nation’s leading, nonprofit AIDS organization specializing in fund raising and making grants. What Reed did to help raise some money was to not only participate in a clothing reduction act, but to also auction off this cute little panties on ebay for profit.

About selling his skivvies, Reed says, “So in keeping with raising as much money as I possibly can for the Broadway Cares Organization I am auctioning off the swimsuit I wore for the promotional campaign for Broadway Bares XX – “Strip-opoly” as the “Jersey Shore” Boardwalk character. I would be more than happy to sign them to you as well. It’s all in good fun and goes to an amazing, life-changing cause so have at it! (I will also make sure you get a tax deduction for this item too.) Big Smiles …PS You will also become a member of Team Yellow Bucket in my strip-a-thon fundraiser … BONUS!!

Will Clay Aiken allow this to happen? Will Clay maybe dish out the dough so that nobody else will be sniffing his man’s underpants? Hey, just sayin’.

reed kelly

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