Lindsay Lohan Ankle Bracelet: Caption This!

May 25, 2010

Lindsay Lohan’s alcohol ankle bracelet is a big story this week! Oh yes Lohan’s partying days are done, for now at least, but I thought it would be fun to use a picture of her in all her glory for our fun new game Caption This. Learn more about what is in store for Lohan plus participate in our new contest and check out some pictures and video too.

Lindsay Lohan

As you all know after her partying days in Cannes last week Lindsay Lohan was ordered to wear an alcohol monitoring bracelet, or SCRAMx if you will. That being said who doesn’t love to see a photo of Lohan after too much partying, I mean there is just so much to say and guess what now you can say it. The above picture is of Lohan after a night out in Cannes. To me it looks like she is about ready to puke in the car but that is just my two cents. You can give me your two cents through our Caption This game. It is simple every Tuesday a new topic or photo will be posted so you our faithful readers can give your two cents on it. You can comment as many times as you like then every Friday a winner will be announced. What do you win, well your name if print and the satisfaction of knowing you had the best caption. Easy right!

Thanks to her hard partying ways, especially when she was in Cannes and she should have been in court, that was a super smart move Lohan, Lindsay can not leave Los Angeles and is required to where the SCRAMx which can supposedly detect any alcohol in her sweat. Obviously the judge has said drinking alcohol is a no no for Lohan. The question is can the device be tricked and can Lohan still continue to party even with the monitor. Well that depends on who you ask, according to The New York Daily News if you stick your foot in a tub of ice cold water you won’t sweat and a positive reading won’t be indicated. That doesn’t sound like fun at all but I am sure there are a million other brilliant ideas out there and I am betting Lohan will try them all.

Lindsay Lohan’s ankle bracelet will make quite the accessory, but it is nothing new for the train wreck starlet. I am sure this is not the last we will hear on this subject, until then don’t forget to participate in our Caption This photo contest with a drunken Lindsay above. I know you all have something to say about it!

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