Omar Bonilla: Gay Teen Runs for Prom Queen

May 25, 2010

Omar Bonilla is the gay teen in South Florida who fought for the right to run for Prom Queen in drag! Get the story here, and see photos and video.


Many consider the LBGT community’s plight for equality the final battle in the effort to hold our government to it’s credo that ‘All Men Are Created Equal,’ while others still maintain that being anything other than heterosexual is a ‘lifestyle choice’ not worthy of special protections.

We’ll let the politicians and the courts sort that one out. Until then, the grass-roots movement for equality is stronger than ever. As one generation replaces another, attitudes toward what used to be called ‘alternative lifestyles’ are rapidly changing.

One example is that of Omar Bonilla, a teen who recently came out of the closet in Pembroke Pines, Florida. He not only found the strength to come out, but also decided to run for Prom Queen…in drag! He even received enough votes to be placed in the top three finalists. Check out that photo here.

He apparently had to battle it out with the administration at his school, who initially agreed to allow him to run, but stipulated that he had to wear a tux. As he began to address the issue with the principal, it appears the school attempted to use a loophole to brush the issue under the rug.

According to reports, he showed up to discuss the matter with his principal, but unfortunately parked in a visitor’s spot. As a student, that earned him a two-day suspension, which consequently disallowed him from attending prom.

Not only did he get the shaft from the administration at his school, but his parents decided to ‘disown’ him. Luckily he found some support from an organization called ‘Pridelines Youth Services,’ who invited him as a special guest to their very own prom. At that event, he was crowned the official prom queen.

What do you think about the issue? Should Omar Bonilla have been allowed to dress in drag and run for Prom Queen at his high school? Give us your thoughts below. I’ve also included some related video below.

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